Little BU Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Remember my post  Little  BU nail polishes? I was actually asked if I’d like to get one for my cousin (click here to see her). Knowing how much she loves all things beauty related and how she likes to ‘borrow’ he Mum’s makeup when she is not around of course I said yes!

There are eight colours so far and a top coat so the fact that one of them actually had the name of my Sophia was fantastic!

I have to include how Sofia nail polish is described as it is too cute not to:

 Sofia , a deep purple with hint of magenta shimmer. ‘Sofia is so passionate about the colour purple that she’s always adding a splash of her favourite hue to her school uniform. When at home, she loves to dress up in her purple tutu to practice pirouettes in the garden!’

I’ve also got a Cecilia nail polish which is a sheer glittery pink.

So what is so special about these nail polishes?

They are water-based and non-toxic which is just perfect for little girls! These also easily come off with water, I’ve tried! Despite being water-based, they are really pigmented and look beautiful with only one layer which is fantastic, as there is no guarantee that your little girl will sit still while your are doing her mani 😉

Unfortunately, my baby cousin lives far away so I have to show these polishes on my nails, I hope the cute butterfly ring makes up for it at least in some way :).

I could send the polishes by post but I want to give them to Sophia personally to see her excitement! It’s a shame that I will see her only in summer but it’s worth the waiting I think!

I’ve been really impressed with  Little BU  nail polishes and have been telling everyone I know about them. And, yes, I would totally get them for my daughter if I had one!

You can buy them here for £9.95, they ship Internationally.

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