Lumiere Cosmetics Eyes and Cheeks Products. Review and Swatches. Plus A Face OF The Day

When I was asked if I’d like to try Lumiere Cosmetics I was happy to agree since I haven’t tried that many mineral brands plus I thought that it would be an interesting topic for some readers.

I was sent three eye products, one blush, one bronzing blush and two face powders/foundations.

The great thing is that I could actually choose the colours myself which was pretty amazing. So here is what I’ve got.

As for the eye products, I’ve chosen two Glitz and one Eye Shimmer.

All descriptions of the shades are from the website.

Glitz* in Chocolate Covered Cherries, Medium deep berry brown with LOADS of cherry colored sparkles! And Raspberry Truffle, Medium Deep brown with LOADS of raspberry sparkles!

Eye Shimmer* in Black Cherry, Very rich deepened black cherry, with a low sheen that will intensify when foiled. Exciting alternative for contouring and smokey eye effects. Also very pleasing as a liner.

My impression:

I am very happy about the shades that I’ve chosen. The colours are really beautiful and pigmented. You can blend them out and create a light shade or layer up for a gorgeous intense colour. Both Glitz contain pretty delicate glitter  which doesn’t look over the top, I wore both  shades in the day time and it looked nice and appropriate. Eye Shimmer is perfect for a smoky eye.

Just make sure that you tap your brush before applying the pigments to prevent a mess.  I personally like pushing these pigment over a base (so it has something to stick to) with a flat brush. MAC 239 is a great one for this.

Chocolate Covered Cherries, Raspberry Truffle Black Cherry. Flash and natural light


  • Large Jar – 2 gr $8
  • Sample Jar – 1 gm $5

As for the cheek products, I’ve got Veena Blush* inViolaceous, A delicate purple plum tone without a trace of brown. Our Fav!

And Blushing Bronzer* in Sugar Berry,  a sweet and subtle color, much like a sun washed mauve color. This has a matte, luminous finish with no sparkles. Ideal for Fair to Medium skin.

My impression:

And they both are amazing, I am happy with my choice once again. Both look  natural and flattering on my skin tone.  I don’t think I have a similar blush to Violaceous in my collection. It made me think of NARS Sin although it’s only slightly similar  but I don’t have it to compare.

Just make sure you prep your skin properly before applying these blushes.  When you blend them into your skin they look like your natural blush, the skin is just glowing.


  • Jag 4gr – $12
  • Sample Jar – $2.50
  • Sample Baggie 1/4 Tsp – $1

Overall impressions are very positive.  There are so many colours and textures to choose from so I would recommend you taking a look at the Lumiere Cosmetics website.

I haven’t tried the foundations yet but I will let you know when I do.

On the first photo I am wearing a mix of Raspberry Truffle and Black Cherry on the eyes and  Sugar Berry of the cheeks. I am also wearing Illamasqua Havoc liner.

On the second one I am wearing a Chocolate Covered Cherries which you can’t probably tell with and  Violaceous on the cheeks. I am also wearing Daniel Sandler Velvet Brown eye liner.


Glitz: mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate. May contain ferric ferrocyanide may contain: carmine, tin oxide

 Eye Shimmers: mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide. May contain ultramarines, ferric ferrocyanide, carmine, tin oxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate

Veena Blush: premium grade serecite (colorless mica), mica, iron oxide, avena sativa, titanium dioxide may contain : carmine, tin oxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate

Blushing Bronzer: premium grade serecite (colorless mica), boron nitride, zinc oxide, mica, avena sativa, titanium dioxide, iron oxide,tocopherol (vitamin e) may contain : carmine, tin oxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate

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