MAC Cosmetics Matte Lip Collection for Summer 2015

Who doesn’t love a good matte lipstick? And MAC know how to do a good one. The brand released twelve new matte shades and they look beautiful!

MAC Cosmetics Matte Lip Collection for Summer 2015 lipsticks With the already existing shades MAC Matte Lipsticks now include:

  • RUNWAY HIT, Light nude matte [Retro Matte]
  • KINDA SEXY, Neutral pinky-rose [Matte]
  • STEADY GOING, Light pink matte [Retro Matte]
  • PLEASE ME, Muted-rosy-tinted pink [Matte]
  • NATURALLY TRANSFORMED, Muted golden beige [Matte]
  • VELVET TEDDY, Deep-tone beige [Matte]
  • MEN LOVE MYSTERY, Lavender violet [Matte]
  • PINK PIGEON, Bright cleanest pink [Matte]
  • TROPIC TONIC, Full Power Coral [Matte]

MAC Cosmetics Matte Lip Collection for Summer 2015 all shades

  • FLAT OUT FABULOUS, Bright plum matte [Retro Matte]
  • ALL FIRED UP, Bright fuschia matte [Retro Matte]
  • D FOR DANGER [Matte]
  • STONE, Muted greyish taupe brown [Matte]
  • WHIRL, Dirty Rose [Matte]
  • PERSISTENCE, Peachy cinnamon [Matte]
  • DANGEROUS, Orangey red matte [Retro Matte]
  • RUBY WOO, Very matte vivid blue-red [Retro Matte]
  • HEROINE, Bright purple [Matte]
  • STUDDED KISS, Dark oxblood red [Matte]
  • ANTIQUE VELVET, Intense Brown [Matte]
  • INSTIGATOR, Deep blackened plum [Matte]
  • MATTE ROYAL, Deep blue [Matte]

I also really love the promo photo from this collection, really feminine and gorgeous!

MAC Cosmetics Matte Lip Collection for Summer 2015 promoMAC is available from  Nordstrom and  Selfridges.

The price of the lipsticks is $16/£15.50, and there are quite a few shades that I personally like.

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