MAC Shop MAC and MAC Cook MAC Collections for Spring 2012

MAC Cosmetics release so many collections that it is  hard to follow all the news. Although I love a lot of their products from the regular line (and have some on my wish list), I hardly ever get products from those limited collections. Mostly because they are sold out so quickly and because I don’t really have time to go and check them out every time they are released.

But this new MAC Shop MAC and MAC Cook MAC  collection caught my attention.

There are  several products that I like (mostly the quads) so I will most likely take a look at those.

This collection just came out in the US  and I think should be in Europe  in March (or end of the month?)

picture from here

You can browse all the products at MAC US.

What was the last MAC Limited Edition collection you liked and bought things from?

For me it was the collaboration with Gareth Pugh of course! I wanted to get several things but got only one gloss in the end…

1 thought on “MAC Shop MAC and MAC Cook MAC Collections for Spring 2012”

  1. I actually don’t think I’ve bought into the whole limited edition hype and bought anything from any collection yet (but I really only became a makeup fanatic not so long ago), but I am really looking forward to this one! So many bright colors and the quality is apparently good!

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