More Updates About Sonya

Hello, dear readers!

Thank you very much for all your comments and support! This means a lot to me! I was getting so many comments and e-mails that I thought I should write this post.

I am sorry about the quality but here you can see the cat eye . She is so cute:)

This last month after her operation was the  most blessed month ever.  I knew that it (her death) was going to happen but did not want to believe in it. It seems that she felt it too because she was showing so much love. She was meowing and purring all the time.  I got her only her favorite food (which is expensive) and spend a lot of time just petting her and giving her all my attention.

Now that my home is so empty I am visiting my friend  often because I feel so lonely and miserable.  I am trying not to think about Sonya but everything reminds me of her.  I am trying to focus on positive things but this is so hard. Life goes on…

Little Tiger 😛

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