My New Hairstyle for Summer

I had a relatively long hair and my natural colour for years (here is a photo). And… a) I have a lot of hair but it is thin and doesn’t look that good b)I had the same, more or less, length for years and years; plus I did not colour it so I got very bored, as I used to change my hair style all the time in the past.

This is why back in February I’ve asked to chop off all the thin and damaged hair, so I ended up with a shoulder length hair style.  It was a big change but once I was over a slight shock, I knew that I was ready for more experiments. This is why last week, I changed my hair style completely, and I even had it coloured  for the first time in years.  

Hair Marina Makeup4all Lea Seydoux inspiration

It is nothing too dramatic, just a darker shade of cool toned brown which is still not as cool (toned), as I wanted it to be. My natural colour is  really cool toned, and I hate anything warm/reddish on myself. But  I find that it is even harder to get a spot-on dark hair than blonde (I was blonde for several years).

After hours of Pinterest browsing (you can follow me here), I finally found this photo of Lea Seydoux (the one shown above) which I really loved.  So, this was the main inspiration behind the look. I showed this photo to my hair dresser and asked for something similar but adapted to my face shape and hair type, and this is what she came up with.

It is interesting how while I was in a salon a girl with a very long and gorgeous hair came in and she requested an even shorter style than the one I went for. And, let me tell you, she looked fabulous in the end!

Speaking of shorter hair, this is the style I was tempted with for months, ever since  I’ve watched the The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby film back in winter.  Unfortunately,  this style would not work that well with my hair texture, which I suspected anyway,  and which my hair dresser confirmed.

Jessica Chastain Eleanor Rigby hair inspiration

So far, I enjoy my current hair  but who knows what  kind of style I’d go in the future.

By the way, what kind of styling products do you think I need now? 

4 thoughts on “My New Hairstyle for Summer”

  1. This looks really amazing on you. Great choice. Your deep dark hair looks so elegant. I am sure smoky eyes are a gorgeous fit to it.

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