New Beauty Purchases

After neglecting Instagram for months, I have finally started posting there on a regular basis. Today I had the most amazing latte in the World with whipped cream, chocolate and caramel syrup and pieces of chocolate, and I was a bit sad that I did not think of posting  a photo. Next time you know I will be taking photos of myself in the mirror.

So, if you follow me there you may have already seen this photo of some new beauty related items that I’ve bought.


Lisa Eldridge Face Paint book, of course I had to buy it. I probably don’t even need to explain. But  considering that I did culture studies at uni this makes even more sense.

theManizer Sisters by theBalm. I wanted this palette ever since I saw it. And I have been using it every day for almost a week now, and it is all kinds of amazing. Will definitely post all the details soon.

Finally, I’ve bought Rimmel’s  Exaggerate Lip Liners, one in East End Snob (hello, hyped up products) and  Obsession. I can totally see why everyone is so obsessed with the East End Snob, it does work for making your lips looking slightly fuller. As for the others shade, turned out that I already have an almost identical one, which is a shame. But it is a beautiful one nevertheless.

There are several other items that are on my wish-list and I will probably share soon. And what did you buy recently?

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