Recipe Of August: Summer Tarts

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw the photo of the tart I made the other day. It was inspired by Liberty London Girl originally but I always make my own variants, and I have tried a lot, and they all were very good.

recipe of the month summer tart makeup4all

It is a crowd pleaser, and it is extremely easy to make,easier than pizza.

You’d only need a pre-made  puff pastry and the toppings of your choice. I personally went for chicken fillet which I’ve milled  in the blender, finally sliced tomatoes, cheese, basil, oregano,  parsley, sea salt and all kinds of pepper I had at home. I also did the other one that day with chicken, onions and carrots with sour-cream.

I have also painted the pasty (edges) with a beaten egg, which is something  my Mum taught me, and I know that a lot of  people like doing it, too.

Important tips: I have drizzled some olive oil on the pastry before putting anything on top of it. Plus I’d recommend pre-heating the oven before you put your tart in.

summer tart recipe makeup4all

You can serve your tart however you want to, as well. I’ve opted for cucumbers and corn. And it was really good.

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