Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Brow Products Review and Swatches

Since I’ve just posted about the new eye brow gels, it seems like a perfect time to review the newest release from Rouge Bunny Rouge – their new eye brow products. I have actually already induced one of them in my July Monthly favourites. The brand does not bring out that many products so when they do – it is most likely something awesome. And what about these products?

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Brow Products Review and Swatches

Long-lasting Brow Liner ALCHEMY, €26

Available in two shades:

  •  ANTIMONY, dark chestnut. Ideal neutral shade for dark brown and black natural brow colour.
  • TRONA, light hazelnut. Ideal neutral shade for almost any natural brow colour.

It was actually Antimony shades that was in my monthly favourites, and it is brilliant,  it is not  too cool or too warm,  it is also dark enough to add some definition but not too dark, just spot-on.

But it is the formula and the shape of the pencil that I love! As always, the design is exquisite,   this pencil comes in a slick black packaging. And the pencil itself is incredibly thin which allows a very precise application, you can draw in individual hairs and achieve really natural results. This is probably not the on-the-go product but it is really worth spending some extra time for the immaculate results.

The finish is great, as well. The wax-based formula is soft enough and does not drag the skin but at the same time it does not smudge all over the face and stays put for the whole day.

The pencils get top marks from me!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Brow Products eye pencil and eye brow gel Review and Swatches

There are also two shades of Brow Expert Gel SILHOUETTE OF GRACE, €27

  • Earthshine, light hazelnut tinted gel with matching fibres to shape and to fill in the brows.
  • Airglow, crystal clear for strong yet naturally flexible brow definition; brow conditioning gel and growth treatment in one.

Earthshine is a coloured gel with fibres which tints your eye brows and makes them look fuller and thicker.  I think this shade would suit a lot of people, as it is pretty neutral without being too cool or warm-toned.

Airglow is a clear gel which will groom your eye brows and will help to keep them in place. I haven’t tried it on thick and stubborn, out-of-control eye brows yet but it works great on mine. But the best thing about this products is the fact that it contains  Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17  which should help to make your eye brows grow fuller and thicker with time.  You can also check out this product to make your eye brows grow.

Both gels have  nice and small brushes  which allow precise, mess-free application.

Here are the swatches of both pencils and the tinted gel.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Brow Products Review and Swatches 1

You can buy everything from the brand’s website.

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