Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss Sweet Excesses in Jungle Fudge Review and Lip Swatches

I have already written about the Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations lip gloss but they also have Glassy Gloss lip gloss which comes in six shades.

I’ve got one shade as a Christmas present from Zuneta and RBR. (Thank you!)

The shade that I have is called Jungle Fudge (£22) and is described as cushiony-soft semi-sheer metallic finish cool copper, with a glint of silver pearls. And it’s a perfect description.

Mine looks a bit strange because I’ve managed to drop it

 I personally would probably never get such shade for myself so that is cool to try something  different!

I find the Glassy Gloss moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing, it looks nice even on the dry lips and definitely makes them feel better. It is rather thick, which I personally love a lot, but not sticky.  The product has a decent staying power. Jungle Fudge has a fruity scent which makes me think of mango.

Here is the swatch in the direct sunlight

I really love how the gloss feels and looks on the lips. Definitely one of the best formulas I’ve tried.  However,  I don’t like brownish shades so I don’t wear Jungle Fudge that often.  But I would definitely love it in Fleur Parfait!

Here is the lip swatch in the direct sunlight. But I have to say that it looks darker in real life…


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  1. Oh, at first I was like ‘hmmm not so sure about this’, but it definitely works on you lips I was expecting it to be more frosty looking but it doesn’t really. Nice to hear that they feel nice on the lips too!

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