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  • Get Your Skin Summer Ready: Step by Step

    I am not a big fan of all those “get in shape in 10 days” and “bikini ready in a week” features which are all over the Internet and in press every summer. But there are ways to make your skin look “summer ready”, as cliche as it sounds. And, since it is a beauty […]

  • June 2013 Beauty Favourites

    It’s about time for my June favourites, right? But I guess it is better late than never, so here we go. First of all I want to show you two products that I couldn’t find when I was taking a ¬†group photo. Since I am completely re-doing my place, it’s a total mess and it […]

  • Summer Must Have: Body Brush and Firming Body Oil

    Summer Must Have: Body Brush and Firming Body Oil

    It’s summer and I assume that every girl wants to look her best. Of course, to achieve any results one should combine a lot of things, such as healthy nutrition, working out and the right beauty products. Professional massage (course, not just a session) is very effective when it comes to good looking legs, thighs¬†and […]