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Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Summer Oil SPF30

I have been using Clarins SPF body oils for years but thought it was time for a change so I’ve got myself Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Summer Oil SPF30 150ml.

I have been using quite a lot of Decleor products, and loved all of them. This SPF oil is not an exception.

Packaging and Scent

First of all, it comes in bright and cheerful fuchsia packaging.  Besides the packaging, it smells absolutely divine. If I am completely honest,   “monoi” scent is what sold it to me, as I am a big fan.

The scent of sun care products can be a hit or miss. As you can guess, I personally love how Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Oil smells ! I find that

Decleor Aroma Purete Imperfections Roll’On Review

I never suffered from break outs in the past  but these days I can get occasional  spot or two. Since I never had to deal this such issue, I have started reading about the products that may help and came across a very positive review of Decleor Aroma Purete Imperfections Roll’On.

I have tried several anti spots/blemishes products in the past but was not impressed, so I have got this one straight away.

And I was not disappointed!

Here are the promises from the brand:

  • 1. Cleanse skin, and quickly reduce the appearance of blemishes (Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Sage and Rosemary Essential Oils).
  •  2. Soothe red blotches (Lavender Essential Oil).
  •  3. Tackle unsightly blemishes (Lemon Essential Oil).

And I will have to