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Ellis Faas Glow Up for Holiday 2014

Ellis Faas are launching a new product, Glow Up – a facial illuminator, which will be available from next Monday (December 1st).

Ellis Faas Glow Up for Holiday 2014 promo with model

Here is Ellis’ philosophy on highlighters and her tips on how to use a product:

“Playing with light is one of the best tricks in make up. Light emphasises shape and glow. Attracting light to certain parts of your face will illuminate it and bring it to life. The best way to attract light to your face is with the soft focus properties of the reflective pearls in Glow Up. These finely milled particles provide radiance with a soft subtle shimmer. It leaves you with a delicate glow that helps to mask any imperfections, adding a satin-soft and porcelain finish.

Apply the

Ellis Faas New Shades of Creamy Eyes for Spring 2013

Happy days, Ellis Faas launched seven new shades of Creamy Eyes! The promo image is a masterpiece, as usual, very Ellis and very cool.

There are twenty one shades right now to choose from:

Deep Black (E103), Grey Brown (E104), Deep Warm Taupe (E105), Lilac Taupe (E106), Taupe (E107), Desert Beige (E108), Creamy White (E109)

Navy Blue (E113), Bordeaux Red (E114), Purple (E115), Lilac (E116), Mint

New Shades of Creamy Eyes by Ellis Faas

I am really loving the latest Ellis Fass launch, the new shades of Creamy Eyes. As usual, Ellis created a stunning visual  for the campaign.

There are seven new shades which are: Navy Blue (E113), Bordeaux Red (E114), Purple (E115), Lilac (E116), Mint Green (E117), Light Blue (E118) and Yellow Ochre (E119).

The price is €26/$36/£23 and they will be available from