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  • Inglot Eye Shadows Palette: Review and Swatches

    I already wrote some reviews about Inglot eye shadows  but never wrote about their palettes. So what about them? The coolest thing is that you can choose how many shadows do you want and you can pick the shape, too! They have round and square shadows  and you can get them in the set of […]

  • Inglot Nail Enamel in # 318 Review and Swatch

    Last week I wrote a  review about the coral shade that you can see on the photo and now it’s time for the lime green in #318. I already wrote that these nail enamels are a bit different: coral has 15 ml and lime green has 16 ml, the finish is also different. Coral has […]

  • Nail Enamel by Inglot in 318 and 949. Review and Swatches

    I wrote about one nail polish collection that I wanted to get several months ago.  I am sure that my friend Charlotte knows what I am talking about. And guess what? I could not find it!!! I contacted the brand several times via  e-mail and twitter and got no answer. By the way, I was […]

  • 8 Coral Lip Products That I Want & Perfect Coral Lipstick Lip Swatch

    It seems that lately I am  thinking only about coral lips and nails. I’ve made a huge list of products that I want to get. I will share some of them with you! 🙂 The lipstick from Summer 2010  collection by Chanel Lips YSL Rouge Volupte # 26 and #30 (#30 thanks to Belle De […]

  • Spring 2010 Makeup Collection by Inglot

    I hope that you all already know that I like makeup by Inglot and I am surprised why there are very few reviews about this brand. So here is the preview of their Spring 2010  makeup collection which Inglot showed us using their twitter. What do you think? Would you give this brand a try?