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Japonesque Pro Eye Detailer, Pro Eye Shadow Crease, Pro Eyeliner Brushes and Lashes Review and Photos

Japonesque launched their products at HQhair.com and I was given three eye brushes and a pair  of eye lashes to show you.

The brushes that I have are: Pro Eye Detailer Brush – Medium (£14.75),  Pro Eye Shadow Crease Brush (£12.75) and Pro Eyeliner Brush (Flat), (£10.50). The lashes I have are called Extra Flair (£8.15).

I haven’t tried these (dramatic) eye lashes yet but  they look like a quality ones and come with a glue.

As for the brushes, here is how Japonesque suggest using their brushes:

And here is my impression:

Pro Eye Detailer Brush – Medium 

This is a soft brush that I love using for

Japonesque Safari Brushes Collection

Although I am not a fan of leopard print at all, I know that a lot of people love it. Plus I am a big fan of Japonesque (face brushes reviewed here) so I thought I’d show you their newest Safari brushes collection.

There is a ‘purr-ferct’ 🙂 Safari Brush Set, in a microfibre case, which includes Powder Brush, Shadow Brush and Crease Brush. The set retails for £28.

And there is also a bronzer blush which retails for £19.50.  Ahh, if only I loved leopard print.

All brushes are made of synthetic bristles.  All the mentioned products are available from Boots.

The great news is that Japonesque is now available from HQhair.com who ship to different countries. There are not that many products available  but the brand plans to add more, yes, the well palettes, too.

Japonesque Retractable Lip Brush Review and Photos

I have already reviewed some Japonesque face brushes and now it’s time for their lip brush which I’ve picked for around £9-£10 (I don’t remember the price and it turns out the shop I’ve got it from doesn’t stock it anymore). I have just checked and in the US it retails for $14 at Ulta.

It looks very stylist and retails cheaper than some alternatives. But the quality is one of the best on the market!

This Retractable brush is great for taking in a makeup bag as it doesn’t leave any lipstick stains all over the place.

As for the quality of the bristles, I am happy about it, too. The bristles are firm but not scratchy.  Plus the shape of the brush allows