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Sur Mes Levres Guerlain Spring 2010 Makeup Collection

So here is the new collection by Guerlain which is called Sur Mes Levres with Vodianova, like it or not, as usual on the promo photo. This time she is playing the role of Gene Tierney, Kim Novak and Grace Kelly at the same time.

Collection includes:

Blush G de Guerlain Serie Noir, £41/€55

Rouge G, new formula Serie Noir Jewel Lipstick Compact, £28.50/€39.50

  • 24 Rouge Sensuel,
  • 45 Orange Euphorique,
  • 70 Fuchsia Delice,
  • 71 Rose Desir.

Ecrin 6 Couleurs, £52.50/€72.00

  • Rue de Rivoli

Meteorites, pressed powder, £34/€44:

Guerlain KissKiss Gloss in Crystal Pearl. Review and Lip Swatches

Every time I am wearing Guerlain’s KissKiss gloss I get a lot of compliments. All shades are very pretty but my absolute favourite is  #800 Crystal Pearl which is described as shimmering iridescent pearl.

The design is beautiful and the shade looks amazing even in the tube, so imagine how gorgeous it looks on the lips!

This gloss has a convenient small brush which is easy to use. KissKiss makes your lips look shiny and sparkly. The product stays on for quite a long time and it feels great on the lips. Please keep in mind that it has quite a strong scent but I personally don’t mind.

You should get this gloss if  you like:

Imperiale Collection by Guerlain for Holiday 2009: Information and Photos


A tribute to the femme-enfant, so wonderfully interpreted by Romy Schneider in Sissi: The Young Empress. A tribute also to history: Guerlain fondly remembers being distinguished as the very official and exclusive “Her Majesty Empress Eugenia’s patented Perfumer” in 1853. Seems like only yesterday!

In the 21st century, inspiration from the past and from all things exotic is the fuel of creation. We continue to like opulence, but in a more balanced way. Splendour is underlined with humour: while jewels bedazzle with their brilliance, the cascading rivers of diamonds may not come from Place Vendôme!

KissKiss Gloss ,$29

This Holiday, Kiss Kiss Gloss shows extravagance by multiplying glitter effects with three new shades: 807 Perle de Lune, 808 Ambre Precieuse and 809 Rubis Rose. This clever gloss may be used on bare lips, or as a topcoat to boost the effects of Rouge G. The chic mini bottles are also decorated with a black lace design.

1. 807 Perle de Lune(light)

2. 809 Rubis Rose

3. 808 Ambre Précieuse(dark)


Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body ,$85

Silky and ultra-light in texture, this sparkling powder graces the skin with a sheer veil of ‘diamond’ reflections to subtly illuminate shoulders, arms, back, décolleté and hair. Finely decorated with screenprinted lace, the white-gold lacquered bottle boasts a long black-tasseled atomizer—an ultrafeminine look reminiscent of beauty objects found on imperial vanity tables.

Guerlain 'Sublime Radiant' Powder

Météorites Perles Impériales ,$53