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Beauty Wish List. July 2019

As I’ve already mentioned, the times when I would get all those limited edition eye shadow palettes and yet another  *insert a name of the product* are long gone. Now I only get products when I finish something (I have empties save stories over at my Insta) or when I really want that item. So here is my current wish list. And I am also including the things which I have finished so that you see what is being replaced.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Varnish in Lady in Red or Rock the Runway (Amazon and Amazon UK)

I use up red nail varnishes like it’s nobody’s business so my current classic red which is CND’s Red-Y To Roll (see it here) is almost gone. I really enjoyed using it but would love to try Essie’s Gel Couture one now. I’d love Lady in Red or Rock the Runway, would have to see them in person, I am very specific about my reds.

Charlotte Tilbuty Flawless Filter ( £30 from SephoraCult Beauty and  Net A Porter.)

I am obsessed with a glow-giving makeup base, and

Revlon Professional Hydra Capture Shine Up Shampoo Review

I am always on the hunt for a new good shampoo which does work and does what is promised, and today I want to share about the best one I have used in a  long time.  And it is Revlon Professional Hydra Capture Shine Up Shampoo which I’ve bought after reading some very positive reviews about it.

Revlon Professional Hydra Capture Shine Up Shampoo ReviewI personally find that it lives up to the “Shine Up” name, as it does add that glossiness and sheen to the hair which

OROFLUIDO Beauty Shampoo for Your Hair Review

I’ve been wanting to try  OROFLUIDO Beauty Shampoo for Your Hair  for some time, so I’ve bought it back in January finally. I have actually finished the bottle already, so  it’s about time to write a review.

OROFLUIDO Beauty Shampoo ReviewAccording to the brand, this shampoo contains 3 natural oils:

  • Argan oil strengthens hair and makes it extremely light and incredibly silky.
  • Cyperus oil gives natural protection against free radicals. It makes hair soft and voluminous, leaving it manageable, smooth and flexible.
  • Linseed oil seals and smoothes the hair cuticle, providing uniformity and control. As a result, hair gathers and reflects the light, giving it a spectacular shine.

I was very excited to try it, as I’ve read so many good things about it.

My favourite thing about OROFLUIDO Beauty shampoo was definitely

Concoction Hair Care Review: Shampoo, Serums and Conditioner

I am really impressed with this new innovative hair care range – Concoction.

The concept is simple yet brilliant! You choose your base shampoo, and so far, there are four variations: Lemon + Verbena,  Black Pepper +Citrus, Rosemary + Mint and Bakhour. [Each is £11 from Selfridges]

And then add two superserum shots  to the base you’ve chosen.  There are eight available so far; each is £1.50. There is a also a conditioner available – Crème De Concoction Conditioner: Cashmere + White Lily, £16.

Concoction Hair Care Review Shampoo, Serums and Conditioner

I was given a Nourish+ Protect Lemon + Verbena ShampYou  and two superserum shots:  Turn up the volume (wheat amino acid complex) and Back to your roots (Lavender and Chamomile extracts).

As you may know, I am very picky about my shampoo and this one really delivers! It leathers up nicely and leaves my hair clean, smooth and shiny. I think that it is perfectly balanced, nourishing, but without weighting the hair down. I also like the smell and, which is very important, the pump on the bottle, I think it is very

Philip B Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo Review

I already shared my impression about Philip B’s Peppermint and Avocado Shampoo and today I’d like to tell you about the brand’s Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo.

Philip B Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo Review

I am a bit  sceptical when it comes to 2-in-1 hair and body products but this one did not disappoint! It leathers up nicely and leaves both hair and body clean and refreshed. It works great both as a shampoo and shower gel, unlike some similar products that usually deliver one way or another.  This makes it a great product for travelling, too.

The scent is divine,  pure 6% herbaceous blend of Norwegian