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Jessica Quick Dry 60 Second Drying Review

Recently I’ve posted about my new favourite red nail varnish and about my current favourite polish remover.

So today I would like to share about my other discovery which is “drying drops”. I have never tried them before but was curious to do so, so picked up a bottle of Jessica Quick Dry 60 Second Drying.

Pictured is also a repurchase of CND Solar Oil

And it is a really cool product.  It is basically a drying oil which you drop on your nails after applying a nail polish. It really speeds up the drying process which is absolutely incredible.

The product does not mess up the nail polish and is absolutely undetectable. So if you

CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Care Review

I have featured this CND oil in monthly favourites, and it is about time I write more details about it.

This is my favourite cuticles and nails product ever, I have bought the smallest bottle (3.7 ml), and I’ve had it for about a year already, and it is only half empty.

Solar oil is infused with with jojoba oil and vitamin E, and it

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Review

I am painting my nails at least twice per week.  I find that nice manicure not only never fails to improve my mood but also somehow increases my productivity. How can you not be productive with red nail polish on?

But there is one product that I often neglected in the past –  base coats.  A good base coat should make your nail polish last longer, protect the nails from staining, make them smoother, which would make the nail polish application easier, and maybe even strengthen them.

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Review

However, I wasn’t pleased with any base coats I have tried in the past, they took forever to dry which made the whole process longer, and

Inglot Fast Drying Top Coat Review

I have been using Seche Vite for years so decided to get something new this time. Shocker, I know!

I’ve picked up Inglot, as I’ve actually remembered that my friend liked it, so decided to give it a go!

The brand offers several top coats and I’ve chosen  Fast Drying Top Coat.

I have been using it for about a month now and actually love how it performs. It does help the nail polish to dry faster and last longer which is the main thing that I want from a top coat. Although it does add some shine and

My Manicure Must Haves: Seche Vite and Seche Clear

These days I wear nail polish almost every day, so for me it’s important to have a nice base and top coats. I have already written  about Seche Vite which I absolutely adore as it helps the nail polish to dry really fast and gives a beautiful glossy shine.

As for the Seche Clear, it helps to protect my nails from staining and to make the application smoother and easier. It dries very quickly so you don’t have to wait forever for all the coats to get dry.

I also like to believe that it makes my manicure to last longer. I also wear it on it’s own sometimes.

Anyway, this is my perfect combo for a beautiful manicure. This is my second bottle of Seche Vite and I am sure that I will re-purchase Seche Clear as well.

I also love my Burt’s Bees  lemon butter cuticle cream and use it a lot. And what about you? What are your manicure essentials?