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Photos Of The Week. Vol 4

I think it’s been forever since I did a proper “weekend post”, so here we go.

1. New Top Coat

Now this one is the only  beauty related  thing in this post and I am mentioning it because I have finally decided to try something new besides Seche Vite, I actually wanted to get a Nubar one but got a Fast Drying Top Coat by Inglot instead.

2 My Kindle

I have been obsessed with my Kindle. I did not want to get it for a very long time, as I love “real books”  but I am so happy that I finally got it for my last Birthday (March, last year) and now I am always reading as it is so convenient. Plus I can always have it with me, as it is not heavy at all.

3. Jeans: Black, Oxblood and Red.

I don’t remember the last time I wore blue jeans, to tell the truth. Below you can see three pairs that I wear all the time. In fact, yesterday I went through my clothes and gathered a huge package that I will be giving away.  I think that I need to go shopping for jeans/trousers soon, as I’d love something new finally…

4 Zucchini Pancakes

I have been a bit

The City& Other TV Shows as a Source of Beauty Inspiration

Hi girls! This week I was sick for several day so I had to stay at home in bed almost all days long. I finished reading my book and 2 magazines and was bored to death. So I thought about watching some kind of a show for girls. My favourite show of all times is Desperate Housewives but I’ve seen all the episodes and now am waiting for some new. I’ve also seen all episodes of Sex and the City and some other shows. But I wanted to find some show for girls that I could watch and not think too much , lol. I’ve read about the Hills and the City on several beauty blogs so I wanted to give it a try.

I find this show boring but I still watch it because of the makeup, hair, shoes, bags and outfits.  I can’t say that I like the plot or the problems of the main heroes. But  I like Whit’s and Olivia’s style and they are beutiful girls in general.  Although I can’t say that I adore this show  I don’t mind watching it when I am sick or have nothing to do. Every episode is 20 minutes and you can watch them online at the MTV website

And what do you think about such TV shows? Do you like them? What are your favourite shows anyway? What would you recommend me to watch? And I would really love to hear your comments on this!

I am bogging about TV shows for girls because often I see there a great look that I create for myself after that 😉

Here are some more photos from the City