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How to Feel Great and Be Healthier in 2020

I hope you all had a great break for all the  Christmas an New Year’s celebrations. I certainly have. Beginning of the year is the time when most people seem to make resolutions, especially the ones related to heath. I am actually happy to see that these days people don’t seem to overindulge over the festive period hence don’t start ridiculous and ineffective diets in January.

As for myself, I am pleased to report that now, as we are half way through (can you believe it?) the first month of 2020, I have been doing really well, it was all about the moderation.  I did not eat non-stop or very unhealthily during the holidays and enjoyed lots of walks near the seaside. In fact, as I am typing this, I am only 50k steps away from 1mln [steps], and I’ve started counting the steps again, after a break from all the apps for a few months, not such a long time ago.

Long story short, it feels like the perfect time to bring you a collaboration with  the real health experts, unlike myself.

All the photos in the feature were taken by me in England, Wales and Scotland.

It’s the dawn of a new decade, and for many of us, that means New Year’s
Resolutions have a little bit of heft behind them, especially if you’ve been trying to get fit and healthy. Yes, your roaring 20’s could get off to an incredible start if you ditch your bad habits for new ways that help you look, feel and act more positively.

Being healthier isn’t necessarily about losing weight in a few problem areas, getting tone and definition, or subbing out the chip shop for steamed vegetables. You need to associate being healthy with positivity, and there is a slew of ways to do so. In this short post, we’ll look at some ways to think positively about different aspects of getting healthier and how to use expert help to get there, and it all starts with drinking water.

Know how much water you should be drinking

Beauty Conclusions of 2013

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and I personally love thinking about the things that happened in the past year, about the achievements and remarkable things. So here are 13 beauty and health/lifestyle points from the 2013.

1. I’ve finally learned how to control my makeup purchases, I already have so many products, so that I think twice now before buying yet another  cool toned pink lipstick or red nail polish. How long will this new habit last?

Makeup4all Lipsticks2. Thanks to point no1, I now have some extra money to visit cosmetologist. I’ve found an amazing girl but the visits are not  exactly the most affordable,  but very worth it.  By the way, I have been visiting dermatologist regularly already. But it is nice to get a facial or a nice face treatment  from time to time, too.

3.  I’ve bought more hair styling products than in any year, and even started using some of them on a regular basis. I even bought some hair tools. I need a good brush, any suggestions?

Makeup4all Favourite Perfumes and Candles of 20124.  Perfumery. I can’t say that I was very interested, or, in fact, knew a lot about this subject. But in 2013 I’ve started reading more and more reviews and articles, especially about niche perfumery. That is fascinating, and I want to