Tom Ford Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

So here is a preview of one of the luxurious Tom Ford  Makeup collection for Spring 2012 which is all about the metallic shades. There are four eye shadows and four matching nail polishes,  metallic lip gloss and two blushes.

Here are the promo photos. I know that such look is popular for SS but I personally don’t like that many metallic shades in one look…

The products are:

Cream Color for Eyes (LE), £28/$40

  • Platinum
  • Guilt
  • Spice
  • Illicit

‘Highly reflective, ultra–pigmented formula combines advanced color technology with antioxidant ingredients to deliver pure, luminous color and an ultra–smooth finish that is non–creasing and long–wearing. ‘

 Spring Collection Nail Lacquer, (LE) £25/$30

  • Silver Smoke
  • Gold Haze
  • Burnt Topaz
  • Burnished Rouge

‘Extra–amplified, metallic–shine nail lacquer. Formulated with unique mirror pearls to maximize the metal effect and create a molten mirror look.’

Spring Collection Lip Lacquer (LE) £25/$30

‘Delicate, gold–particle pearls are infused in a clear and lustrous lacquer that creates a reflective shine and a lavishly soft feel.’

Spring Collection Cheek Color £45/$55

  • Love Lust
  • Savage

‘Formulated with spherical pearls and rich emollients, it glides onto skin with the comfort of a cream, achieving outstanding luminosity and a velvety transparency.’


This collection is already out. You can see some reviews and swatches over at Cafe Makeup,  Makeup And Beauty Blog and The Beauty Look Book.

I’d really love to try Burnished Rouge nail polish and Spice and Illicit eye shadows.


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