Bioderma Photoderm MAX Cream with SPF 100 Review

It’s a super hot summer and we all should really think about the products that we  are using to protect our skin and hair. Today I am not going to tell you why you have to do that ( only lazy one never read any articles about that!). But I am going to tell you about the face cream with very high protection.

And it is

Bioderma Photoderm MAX Cream with SPF 100

I really like how it is described and this basically explains why I like this cream so much:

“Photoderm MAX cream is a sun protector for very fair, freckled skin, which burns easily in the sun, and for skin exposed to strong sun conditions (tropics, glaciers, etc).  Photoderm MAX’s texture is suitable for all skin types and covers up blemishes. Consisting of a selection of anti-UVB-UVA filters, Photoderm MAX cream’s very mild formula offers MAXimum sun protection. Photoderm Max cream is rich in anti-radical active ingredients and combats premature skin ageing. Photoderm MAX cream is sun, water and perspiration resistant.”

My Thoughts

When it’s very hot and I have to be outside for a long time I like to use maximum protection for my face and I have to say that this cream never fails!

I would also like to say even more, one member of my family is allergic to sun and has a very bad reaction. So this cream was subscribed by a doctor and it really helps with the situation. Without  Bioderma cream the reaction was horrible and now it’s way better.

You don’t have to use a cream with SPF 100 and I don’t use it all the time, I also have creams with lower SPF factor . But I use this  one when the weather is really hot and for the first days of vacation.

So far this is the best face cream with high protection that I’ve ever tried! And if it helps even those who are allergic to sun is says a lot!

And what sun creams for face do you use? What SPF? What about body? I usually use SPF 30 (for body) for the first days of my vacation and then 15.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the price for this product and  most websites don’t have the price, but one on-line US shop has it for $40.

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14 thoughts on “Bioderma Photoderm MAX Cream with SPF 100 Review”

  1. SPF 100 is just a marketing trick usually, though this cream is really a great thing, especially for those who cannot be exposed to sun (like after surgery or with skin problems). I thought in Europe beauty companies can’t put a mark SPF 100 to products (it’s only practice left in USA)? because there is not much difference after the number 50 actually.

    1. Thank you for comment 🙂
      Maybe it is. But I’ve tried this cream because it was subscribed to a member of my family (who has sun allergy) by a dermatologist. And I agree, this is a great product, indeed.

  2. Bioderma products come in a wide range that includes shampoos, cleansers, soaps and creams. All of these products support all types of skin which is another hallmark in the success story of Bioderma products. It is due to this reason that dermatologists, over the globe, recommend Bioderma to their patients.

  3. i use the photoderm max , spf 100 and i’m totality satisfied….when i use it i don’t feel have some thing on my skin and it’s soooooo good feeling!
    azade from IRAN


  5. Hi,
    i look for photoderm max cream 100 spf, where i can buy it.
    till now i have been looking here in Holland, but i could not find it.
    Please tell me where of any website to buy it.

  6. We used Photoderm Max SPF 100 for cycling events – by far the best sun protection available and especially if you plan to be quite a few hours in an African sun! In South Africa it is available at some Dis-Chem pharmacies. Introduced by a doctor for a very sun-sensitive skin.

  7. hi marina
    i am iranian and living in urope.i have Pale brown spots in my face and i had Consultation with Adviser and she said if you dont have eny internal problems in your body especially in your liver u must use neostrata cream for anti_ stain clear and also sunscreen with high spf! now i want ask you bioderma with 100spf can help me for removing stain and this cream with spf100 its good for urope?!
    thank you so much.

    1. Hi Eli,
      I don’t think that this cream can remove stains but it’s a good one to use in Europe. Maybe you can ask about the details at your local store that carries Bioderma. Good luck!

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