Book Of The Month and Beauty Video Inspiration

The book of the month is definitely Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS.  I saw that some of my on-line friends were reading & loving  it, so I’ve decided to give it a go myself. As I am writing this, I’ve read 63%, it is a page-turner, and is easy to read. #GirlBoss is not really about the tips on how to build your business but rather Sophia’s life-story, her experience, and her opinion on certain things; the book is written in a sincere  and entertaining way. GirlBoss book Sophia Amoruso makeup4all #GirlBoss is very inspiring, and I love the fact that it’s about being true to yourself and your identity, and that you don’t have to follow the common path to success. I also love Sophia’s personal style, and the fact that she is a metalhead, of course.  The thing is  that you don’t have to love pink & glitter or follow the trends blindly to be a part of fashion or beauty industry. Anyway, I would highly recommend reading this book, even though I do not agree with every single statement. It is  so refreshing and brutally honest, exactly what I needed.

You can buy the book from Amazon UK  or  Amazon.

One more thing that I wanted to share – is this video from Charlotte Tilbury. What a pleasure it is to watch a professional at work!

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