Favourite Brush Of The Moment: Boots No7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush. Review and Photos

I  believe that good makeup brushes are pricey but you do have them for years if you take a good care after them. But I was curious to try some Boots No7 brushes so I’ve bought quite a few and I even reviewed some of them here and here.

Today I will tell you about my favourite  No7 brush which is their Smokey Eyeliner brush (£6.64) which you could have seen in this post.

So why do I like it so much?
When I don’t have time, and let’s face it, this often happens in the morning, to do my makeup – I use dark brown eye pencil, smudge it, apply mascara and that’s it for the eyes. This is why this brush works amazing for me!

It is firm but not scratchy, precise and blends really well.  Plus I never had any problems with it, although it is relatively cheap.  I’ve had it for several months only so we will see  but I have a feeling that I will use it for so much longer.

The eye liner is Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Brun Noir which I use pretty much every day.

I thought that some of you may want to see the comparison with MAC 219, so here it is.

As I already said, these are not expensive but if you have a £5  Boots voucher they come almost for free. So I would like to thank Grace for sharing her vouchers with me the other day.


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