Hair Routine, Bad Hair Experience and Most Unusual Hair Treatments

Today I would like to talk about hair: hair care, hair colours and hair disasters.

Hair Condition.

Something horrible is happening with my hair right now and I am not yet sure what is the reason for this. By something horrible I mean that  my hair looks awful just on the second day after I’ve washed it.

Maybe it’s a wrong shampoo, but hello, I’ve changed 3 shampoos and  the result is the same; or maybe it’s because of the  hot weather. Anyway, I need a specialist to see my hair and tell me what to do. This is why I plan to visit my salon this week.

Hair Colour and Length.

My hair looks pretty much the same for the last several years: medium length and different variations of dark shades. I go to the same salon every 2.5-3 months ( I don’t need to do that more often) to get a hair cut and maybe some treatments. And what about your hair routine?

Bad Hair Experience.

1) I read that if you want your hair to be shiny and glossy you should wash it with conditioner instead of shampoo. So I had to try it! Ok, maybe it works for dry and damaged hair but for my oily type it was the worst thing to try. You can imagine the results, I guess. I obviously had to wash it one more time but with shampoo.

2) I also read  a lot of times that when you don’t have time to wash your hair and you really need it to look nice you should try to use powder. Well, normal people use dry shampoo but I never tried it ( I must change that) so I thought that I should give it a try. And I’ve  tried it last month when I was sick and didn’t wash my hair for 5 days. I don’t know what I did wrong , maybe it was the wrong powder (or what?) but my hair looked horrible – greasy and with powder in it. And no matter how much I tried to brush it through, the powder was still there. Even my BF asked me what’s with my hair when he saw it, lol

Do You Use Such Things?

It’s hard to count how many times I’ve read people telling us what products are god for hair and while some advice I can understand some I just can’t! I don’t mind using different oils and herbs but some products are a bit too much for myself and I am talking about mayonnaise and shampoo for  horses. And yes, it’s hard to count how many times I’ve seen people saying how good they are; both on-line and in print (yes, I am talking about Cosmo). Maybe it does work, but you know what, I just don’t want to try it!

So what about yourself? How does your hair care routine look like? What bad experience did you have? What products do you use for hair?

6 thoughts on “Hair Routine, Bad Hair Experience and Most Unusual Hair Treatments”

  1. I’ve recently switched to pureology, I don’t have oily hair, but it is very fine so it can get oily very easy. There are some dry shampoos that I’ve tried that did that..unfortunately ojon was one of them. Def. check out the pureology line, it has been a lifesaver!
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  2. ooh that second picture with the horses coming out of her hair is so cool. My haircare routine is super super simple. I guess it’s also that my hair type doesn’t need much work though. I don’t blow dry or straighten my hair or really do anything to it except wash with shampoo (never use conditioner b/c I don’t need it) and then let it air dry. My hair gets oily if I go one day w/out washing, so I wash it every night. My favorite used to be Aussie Sydney Smooth. It was a drugstore shampoo that was so good at detangling, and made my hair look great. Eventually I had to stop using because the dimethicone in it was breaking me out (my skin is very prone to acne) so now I’m using Dove Go Fresh Energize which doesn’t make my hair look as great, but it’s still a nice shampoo
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  3. The powder thingy only works with blonde hair, That picture is fabulous by the way!!

    Get a dry shampoo for darker hair, they are great!! (if you hae fine hair it makes it look like its fuller and gives volume as well)
    Also if your hair is super oily just shampoo it and see how that goes. Wow I’m full of imformation tonight!
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  4. I had a laugh over your issue with mayonnaise. Back in the early 1960’s a mayonnaise pact was the “in” thing to do because we didn’t have the vast selection of outstanding conditioners that are available today. We’d slather our hair with mayo, wrap our hair in a hot damp towel, then wait 20-30 minutes before rinsing. Although our hair would have a mirror like shine, it also smelled like mayo for a day or two! Maybe that’s why we refer to the days of our youth as our “salad days” 🙂

  5. It’s actually normal that your hair looks bad the first time you wash it with only conditioner. Conditioners contain a smaller amounts of surfactants (ingredients that clean hair removing dirt and product build-up) compared to shampoos so they don’t clean as well. In addition, if the conditioner you use contain silicones, it can actually cause some build-up that won’t be completely removed by conditioner and water. You would need to wash hair with conditioner for at least a month before you see good results and in the meantime your hair will look a mess which is the reason why I never tried it.

    I also had the same experience with dry shampoos. I use them for emergencies but for some reason I can never brush all the powder out of my hair. As for powder, it works if you have lighter hair.
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