Illamasqua The Theatre Of The Nameless.Review Photos and Swatches

I was  thrilled to receive some samples from the latest Illamasqua’s collection The Theatre Of The Nameless because the brand always thinks carefully of what to put inside and I am  fascinated by the small touches.

First of all, I am very happy that everything comes in black as I am a huge fan of black and everyone who knows that can confirm.

I  also really loved the personal touch with the name (silver, love) and the seal (red, love) on the back of the envelope. Besides the envelope, there was a crimson velvety fabric which symbolized the curtains in the theatre.

I was also happy to get the new booklet as they are a joy to look at and, in my opinion, Illamasqua’s looks are worth framing and putting on the wall which I will definitely do soon. I actually do have some makeup looks on my walls by the way…

As you can see, I really like attention to  the details. But now, when we are done with them, I can tell you about the actual products.

Products that I’ve got to try are:

Masquara (£15 ) in Raven (Midnight Black), Precision Ink (£17) in Havoc (Aubergine), Lipstick ( £15.50) in Kontrol (Blue Violet) and Pure Pigment (£15.50) in Berber (Auburn Shimmer).

Dare to enter?

I haven’t tried the Masquara (great name) yet but here are some of my thoughts about the other products.

Lipstick in Kontrol.

I am actually surprised that this lipstick is not dry at all as you may expect, it actually is creamy and glides on the lips easily. As for the shade… I am not sure I’ll be wearing it on it’s own outside my place (maybe for a suitable occasion), although I do love the colour. But I’ll definitely try mixing it with other shades to see what I can get.  This is not the best shade for work 😉 but a great one for experiments.

Pure Pigment in Bebrer.

When I saw the promo photos for the first time, I thought that this was the most exciting product. And it is  a great one actually. The pigmentation is insane, you need the tiniest amount and the colour is simply stunning. I haven’t  got a chance to wear it on the eyes yet but I can’t wait to create some looks.

If this colour is too bold for you, you may love the Ore pigment which is a russet bronze and is a true beauty.

Swatches in natural light

Precision Liner in Havoc.

I have to start with saying that I am a big fan of Illamsqua’s Precision Liners and I adore my gold and black shades so I was happy to try out one more shade. And, let me tell you, it’s gorgeous. I’ve been wearing it yesterday on my (brown) eyes and it looked amazing. It is a beautiful aubergine colour and I like the fact that it looks kind of glossy even when it sets, it’s not an average flat colour. I total win in my opinion, I am sure, I’ll be using this one a lot! I also can’t wait to try it on someone with green eyes.

Swatches with the flash

And what product are you most excited about from this collection?

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