Love It: Shu Uemura Ethnocolor Scope Tokyo Lash Bar Collection

Shu Uemura lash bars are always a big inspiration to me. I really loved their last collection and I also like the new one.

The promo image  is so amazing, I am totally in love with the bright colours and the gorgeous lashes. I think Kakuyasu Uchiide did an amazing job with this collection as per usual.

You can see the lashes from this collection on the photo below and they are called:

Ethnic Charm, the beautiful lashes with colourful beads that are used on the model, Mini Fringe (red), Vibrant Partial eye lashes (the striped colourful lashes), Green Folklore (green and yellow), Tribal Patch(inspired by a patchwork design),  Mini Violet (purple and lilac mini lashes with flowers), Oriental Arch and Mini Fancy Bonbon (not shown).


My favourite are those from the promo image and Vibrant Partial eye lashes.

The prices start at $22 and those that are used in the promo images are $65. These lashes should be out in July in European countries and the US.

You can actually see the behind the scenes and the inspirational photos of this collection here at Vogue.

2 thoughts on “Love It: Shu Uemura Ethnocolor Scope Tokyo Lash Bar Collection”

  1. Oh, I’ve never even tried using false lashes, and these are so crazy! I like the first ones a lot too:)

    And speaking of false lashes, are they disposable or are they supposed to be used several times? I’ve always wondered that!:)

    1. You can try using some individual lashes at first ( I like using them in the corners of my eyes), they make a huge difference and look amazing. They are not obvious and are very easy to apply.
      And, yes, you can use the eye lashes several times, you just have to be careful when you use them.

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