Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle Review

Today I want to tell you about my newest obsession, in terms of beauty,  Malin + Goetz candles. I will start with Cannabis, which is a bestseller.

As usual with the brand, you get a chic, modern and clean design (see it here) of everything from the packaging to the candle itself. It [the candle]  is placed in a clear glass with a logo on it.

According to Malin + Goetz ,  their candles are made from the “earth-friendly, natural blend of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes.”  From my experience I can tell that they have a clean burn.

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle Review

What about the Cannabis candle?

Top notes: fresh lemon and orange, middle notes: fig and pepper, base: oakmoss, sandlewood and amber-patchouli.

And, oh my goodness, it is amazing! No wonder, that it’s a bestseller. This scent is described as addictive and sexy, and I would agree. It is zesty and peppery, with some sweetness added by patchouli and  darkness and deepness thanks to oakmoss and sandlewood.

I have a mini candle, since I was getting it blindly, without smelling first, and didn’t want to risk. But I will definitely re-purchase it at some point. Plus, the price is very pocket-friendly. I have got a 67g one for $14 only (that is  around 25 hours of burning time; taken from the website), the regular size, 260g is $52.

I have two other scents (and now I want them all), and I will definitely share about them soon.  I’d say that the quality of  Malin + Goetz candles is excellent. They are definitely among the best ones I have tried.

Buy it from Nordstrom, Net a Porter,Space NK  and Amazon

3 thoughts on “Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle Review”

  1. I want this only so I can tell people the scent is cannabis which I think an awesome name! LOL! I hope it doesn’t smell like it though. I’ll have to look for this one online.

  2. Hmmm…interesting. This is my first time to hear about this and upon reading this post, I am thinking of trying it out. I love candles and i collect them. Let us see if this will be included in my collection.

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