October 2014: My Current Top 5 Affordable Makeup Products

It was quite a long time since I did my Current Top 5 Affordable Makeup Products, back in March to be precise. So, I think, it’s time for an updated version.

My Current Top 5 Affordable Makeup Products Loreal Inglot Max factor ArtDeco ShavataL’Oréal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire in 100 Mezzo Pink (review and lip swatches)

I am sure that it’s not a surprise that I’ve included this  lip product, it is now my handbag staple, gorgeous baby pink everyday colour, beautiful moisturizing and long-lasting formula. Nice applicator and delicious scent. I highly recommend.

ArtDeco Soft Lip Liner Waterproof (Red 08 and Pink 80) £8.40 from Beauty Bay.

Ok, I know this is cheating because I have two shades but I love them both equally. Dark red 08 and dusky rose 80, they glide-on like a dream, despite the matte long -lasting formula. Can be used on their own all over the lips, or to cheat a fuller lip, with  lipstick or gloss on top.

 Inglot Eye Shadows AMC Shine 37 (review and swatches)

I have mentioned this eye shadow so many times that I have lost count. But it is definitely on of my favourites, stunning plummy brown with delicate shimmer.  Blends like a dream and looks amazing on the eyes.I could never be without it.

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadows (review and swatches)

The most recent addition to my favourites.  Light shimmery awesomeness. Creates a dimensional modern makeup, the product can be used even with fingers, it is that easy.

Shavata Double Ended Eye Brow Pencil (review and swatches)

Seriously, this is one of the best eye brow products ever, and it costs less than £10 from Feel Unique! Thin and precise, well pigmented and smooth texture. A must have for any makeup bag.

I couldn’t find my pencil when I took the photo, so had to include a packaging from a different Shavata product for the sake of a good picture.



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