Photo Of The Weekend. May 31st 2014

Some time ago I’ve written about a very cool perfume concept,  a solid perfume in a stick that does last on the skin, Le Soft Perfume. You can read about Rock, which I adore,  here.

The things is that recently they launched two new scents, and the brand did send me one to try, but it got lost. So, and it was incredibly nice of them,  they sent me another one.  This time it came. But it looked like this.

Le Soft Perfume ArtistI’ve never seen  anything like this before. What kind of person would do it anyway?  I wish there was a chance to find out, but there is no way that can happen.

Although I’ve never tried the actual scent, I thought I would let you know about this new release anyway. Artist sounds incredible. It is described as a “complex, cedar-woody, masculine scent” with the notes of: grapefruit, patchouli, spices,  moss and musk.

You can buy Le Soft perfumes from Cult Beauty.

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