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Clarins Crayon Khol in 05 Intense Violet Review and Swatches

I was given two  products from the upcoming Clarins Autumn collection to show you and I would like to start with the Crayon Khol as it is a brand new product.

There are eight shades and I have 05 Intense Violet.

Clarins Crayon Khol in 05 Intense Violet Review and Swatches 1

I  have been wearing it every day for the past week and am ready to share my impression.

In terms of the formula – it is a soft and smooth pencil which glides on the skin without dragging or pulling it. As for the pigmentation – it is great, as well.  You get a nice colour pay-off and deep shade with one swipe.  Clarins Crayon Khol in 05 Intense Violet Review and Swatches

But what about the staying power?

As you would imagine,

Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipsticks in 132 Spiced Orange and 134 Orchid Pink Review and Lip Swatches

Today I want to show you two lipsticks from  Clarins’ Autumn 2012 makeup collection.

They come in a signature Clarins package which is a beautiful shade of gold.

I have  132 Spiced Orange  and 134 Orchid Pink. Here is how they look like. Both are beautiful opaque, intense but calm Autumnal shades.

Spiced Orange is a warm brownish orange, makes me think of the  seasonal leaves. Orchid Pink is a  cool toned deep pink.

As I have already mentioned, both lipsticks look

Clarins 3-Dot Liner Review and Swatches

I received several Clarins products from their Autumn collection this month so I think it’s time to start sharing my opinion.

I will start with the 3-dot liner of course, as it is the most exciting product.

To tell the truth, at first I did not get along with this liner as I couldn’t figure out the best way (angle, pressure etc) to use it. But ever since I have figured out I fell in love. This is a genius Japanese (of course!) idea.

It make take you some time before you figure out how you want to use it and what effect you want to achieve but once you do – it doesn’t take a lot of time and you can get impressive results.

You can just put dots between the lashes for a fuller effect without using a brush and gel liner or putting the dots with an eye pencil. It is so much faster as you get 3 dots with one move.

Moreover, you can  draw a regular line, should you wish to.  You can achieve both thin or thick line.

I did not use this liner on anyone yet but I have asked