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Make Up Factory and Pupa Spring 2011 Makeup Collections

Today I want to tell you about the Spring 2011 collections of 2 European brands – Make Up Factory from Germany and Pupa from Italy.

So here is the preview of the Make Up Factory’s Spring and as you can see they have a lot of nude and mint green colours, so if you like the concept you should check out their website for more details.

As for Pupa, their collection is

Love the Look: Parisian Darling from Make Up Factory

I always forgot to tell you about the Parisian Darling collection by Make Up Factory. But this week when I was waiting for my turn at the dentist I saw a magazine with an article about Make Up Factory (cosmetics brand from Germany) and I’ve promised myself to write a post at last!

I absolutely love the look from their Fall collection which is called Parisian Darling and I am so gonna try it myself. But basically this is what I am wearing now – matte eye shadows and  defined crease (but I blend the shadows and don’t leave them like on this promo).

I am also a huge fan of light pink lips so I will be sure to take a look at the High Shine Lip Gloss in Parisian Rose, love it! And, althought I love false lashes, I don’t wear them often because I want them to remain special!

You can read about the products from this collection at Make Up Factory website.

It’s not a problem to find

Glam Evolution by Make Up Factory. Holiday 2009

Make up Factory Glam Evolution Holiday 2009

Make Up Factory is a high end brand from Germany. You can read about the brand at the official website.  There you can also read all the details about this collection.

This collection includes:

Luxury Glitter Cream – € 9.50

Luxury Glitter Cream No. 1  in Silver

Luxury Glitter Cream No. 2  in Gold

Luxury Glitter Cream Make Up Factory

Shimmer Lip Gloss – € 9,50

  1. #07
  2. #20
  3. #26

Shimmer Lip Gloss Make Up Factory

Shimmer Lip Stick – € 12,50

  1. # 03
  2. # 07
  3. # 12
  4. # 35 Shimmer Lip Stick Make Up Factory

Eye Colors (Quattro) – € 16.00

  1. Noble Silver Shades (No. 82)

Impressions on Eyes Makeup Collection by Make Up Factory. Fall 2009

Make up Factory – Impressions on Eyes

A quick glance, an impression that remains! With the new collection Impressions on Eyes Make up Factory, the art of eye make-ups continues to perfection.

Imaginative products are characterized by excellent quality and ease of use. To succeed in professional make-up of breathtaking intensity and sustainable impact.

Eye Make up Factory Primer

The basis for a long-lasting eye make-up is the Eye Primer. The smoothing eye shadow primer neutralized the eyes, makes them appear more even and fresh and prolongs the shelf life of your eye shadow significantly. The creamy, pleasantly light texture contains light-reflecting pigments and a polymer of plant origin, which brightens the eye area and leaves a smooth look. The eye primer is fragrance free.

Make up Factory & Liner Eyeshadow