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Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Surprise Eye Shadows

I have posted about the newest Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow offering two months ago on my Instagram, and am finally getting around writing more details.
So, what is the deal about it?
A limited edition Surprise Eye Shadow Palette ‘Phanes’ for only €50 (value more than €100) or receive it as a gift with orders* of €150 or more.
By the way, Rouge Bunny Rouge kindly offered my readers the 20% discount, and not only for this palette. The code is RBR-MAKEUP4ALL20. The code is valid until the end of March.
And, since I have already posted so many detailed reviews of the Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows (which you can read by clicking the link), this feature is more of a preview.
So what eye shadows are you actually getting? As it turned out, I already had 3 out of 5, so I have included the links, too.
ALABASTER STARLING, metallic silvery-white, with a hint of pinky beige – Excellent highlighting eye shadow
DELICATE HUMMINGBIRD, cool, dusky sugar-frosted plum, iridescent with pink shimmer (review and swatches)
TRUMPETER KOEL, dark lead-grey with lilac-blue iridescence (review and swatches)
UMBER FIREFINCH,  iridescent dark umber chocolate (review and swatches)
UNFORGETTABLE ORIOLE,  delicate, metallic white gold – perfect as a highlighting eye shadow or full-on dazzle effect for the evening.
They come in a LE five pan palette, which is like this one, only without red, it is all white.
So, if you are thinking of placing an order to qualify for this gift, here are my reviews of the brand’s products.
My personal top 5 favourites have to be:

Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing Long-Lasting Matt Eye Shadow in Blackpepper Jay Review and Swatches. Rave

I was surprised when I realized that I never did a feature about Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing Long-Lasting Matt Eye Shadow in Blackpepper Jay, which is among my favourite eye shadows. I even mentioned it  back in my August favourites.

Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing Long-Lasting Matt Eye Shadow in Blackpepper Jay Review and Swatches

I don’t have  time or desire to use 4-5 eye shadow shades for my eye makeup on a daily basis, so I appreciate the shades that I can wear on their own and still look nice.

Blackpepper Jay is one of those shades. It is a beautiful cool toned blackened brown, which is described by the brand as semi-opaque.

I have already raved about RBR eye shadows numerous times, but this is the first matte one that I am writing about. But guess what? It is the

Rouge Bunny Rouge New Eye Shadow Shades and New Lip Glosses

Rouge Bunny Rouge added two new shades to their gorgeous eye shadow line:  Eclipse Eagle, dark brown-grey plum with platinum iridescence (the richer and darker sister of  ‘Delicate Hummingbird‘) and Snowy Egret, smoked palest gold iridescence.

Both are available as eye shadows or refills.

And there is also a brand new product

Rouge Bunny Rouge Keeper And New Eye Shadows Review and Swatches

Several days ago I have posted the information about the new Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow palettes and refills.

And I actually have three new shades and a palette to show you.  Here is the packaging  looks like…

The palette itself also has the iconic RBR flowers on top. You can also see three little holes in the palette which is a great idea as they allow you to push the needle through when you need to get the eye shadow out.

And here is how the eye shadows look like inside.  The shades that I have are:

  • Golden Rhea – Iridescent pale gold, pure and simple
  • Lilac Reef Curassow – Pale lilac with iridescent effect
  • Trumpeter Koel – Dark lead-grey with lilac-blue iridescence

The original eye shadows are 2.4 g (£22) and these are 2 g (£16) so they are a bit smaller but also cheaper.

You may know that Bejewelled Skylark is my most favourite eye shadow so I was excited to try new shades from RBR and here is my opinion.

The eye shadows are

Rouge Bunny Rouge Nest Of Plenty Makeup Look and New Eye Shadow Refills for Spring 2012

Here is the new Rouge Bunny Rouge look for Spring 2012 which is called Nest Of Plenty. The makeup is beautiful and I also love the dress a lot.

Here is the list of  products that were used:

Face, Lips and Cheeks

  • METAMORPHOSES Mattifiying Primer
  • MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation in Chestnut Milk Parfait
  • SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquid in Sea of Tranquility
  • CHEEKS IN BLOOM Blush Wand  in Manet
  • HUES OF ENCHANTMENT Colour Burst Lipstick in The Plot Thickens


  • RBR Duo and Trio Keeper WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING… Long-lasting Eye Shadow in Trumpeter Koel and  Lilac Reef Curassow.
  • WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING… Long-lasting Duo Eye Shadow C Major – a minor
  • FIRE DROPS Loose Glitter Pigments in Wishing for Wings
  • FELINE GAZE Eye Khol in Vera and Salome
  • WITCHERY Modelling Mascara

And, of course,  the new eye shadows and palettes you all were waiting for!

There are two different palettes which are called the keepers: