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  • Edward Bess is Launching at Zuneta This Month

    Guess what brand is coming to Zuneta this month?! Edward Bess!!! I am sure that  there are a lot of people who are excited  about this. Now you can get 2 hard-to-find brands at one amazing ( read my opinion about zuneta ) on-line shop!  Rouge Bunny Rouge and Edward Bess! Also  5 lucky customers have a chance to join […]

  • Makeup and Beauty Sales for Bank Holiday

    It’s Bank Holiday!!! Enjoy 20% off at Zuneta. And also check out Zuneta for free delivery information. It’s Bank Holiday time. We’re excited. Almost as excited as we were about the bout of crazy hot weather. We want to make it a Bank Holiday Weekend to remember. So we’re going to give YOU 20% off your order […]

  • Veneration by Rouge Bunny Rouge

    Yesterday I found out 2 great news. 1) Rouge Bunny Rouge published information about their new look Veneration and 2) Free European Delivery with orders over £60. Code: RBR at zuneta (until Monday 19/04/2010) where you can get Rouge Bunny Rouge! (exclusively) “Now it’s time to try our extensive range of eye colours and to […]

  • Your Opinion About Hourglass Cosmetics

    Hi girls. Today I would like to hear your opinion about Hourglass Cosmetics? Have you tried anything? Do you like the design? What would you like to try? Here is what is written about it: “Created by renowned beauty expert Carisa Janes, Hourglass brings timeless extravagance and style to the über-chic beauty junkie, all in […]

  • My Order from Zuneta is Here + Get 15 % OFF

    Several weeks ago I wrote about Zuneta and that I plan to order something from the shop. So here is my order! But first of all I’d like to tell you that it is an amazing company. Now I can tell you that myself. I am VERY brand/shop loyal so I will be sure to […]