Yves Saint Laurent La Lacque Couture Lasting Nail Lacquer

I am very excited about this new Yves Saint Laurent La Lacque Couture Lasting Nail Lacquer nail polish collection which includes 30  gorgeous shades developed by Lloyd Simmonds!

Here is what he says: “Very Parisian colours, extremely vivid, intensely pure, inspired by fabulous YSL fabrics and accessories. Legendary, timeless colours, including the now-classic blue majorelle.”

And don’t you just love the promo?

Reds & oranges

“The incandescence and sensuality of a Parisian woman”

N°1 Rouge Pop Art, N°2 Orange Fusion, N°3 Orange Afrique, N°5Corail Divin, N°6 Rouge Dada.

Pinks & fuchsias

“The freshness and carefree spirit of a Parisian woman”

N°8 Fuchsia Cubiste, N°9 Fuchsia Intemporel, N°10 Fuchsia Néo-Classic, N°11 Rose Futuriste, N°12 Rose Renaissance

 Plums & purple

“Ultra sophistication and uniqueness”

N°7 Prune Minimale, N°13 Parme Graffitti, N°14 Violine Surréaliste, N°15 Violet Baroque, N°16 Mauve Naïf.

Nude & flesh

“The French Touch: meticulously-groomed, natural-looking nails”

N°23 Gris Déco, N°24 Rose Abstrait, N°25 Rose Romantique, N°26 Blanc Symboliste, N°30 Base et Top Coat Brillance Extrême

 Browns & bistres

“Cool and warm browns for all skin tones”

N°19 Brun Moderne, N°20 Brun Parnasse, N°21 Taupe Rétro, N°22 Beige Léger, N°28 Bronze Aztec

 Groundbreaking shades

“Unusual, original, atypical colors”

N°4 Corail Colisée, N°17 Bleu Cobalt, N°18 Bleu Majorelle, N°27 Noir Primitif, N°29 Doré Orfèvre

According to YSL, the Bestsellers and must-haves (chosen by Lloyd Simmonds) are:

N°1 Rouge Pop Art, N°3 Orange Afrique, N°6 Rouge Dada, N°10 Fuchsia Intemporel, N°18 Bleu Majorelle, N°27 Noir Primitif and N°29 Doré Orfèvre.

The ‘It’ shade from the YSL Spring/Summer 2012 show is N° 22 Beige Léger.

Each nail polish retails for £18 and and is out now.

There are a lot of shades that I lobe but if I could choose only one I’d go for fuchsia shade.

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