3 Beautiful Pink Lipsticks by YSL. Swatches and Impression

You know what?!  It’s pretty cool to have a makeup wishlist and stick to it. I can’t say that I get only things that are on my wishlist, sometimes I let myself buy other things but this helps me to control myself!

Yesterday I went shopping to get some items from the list but I still had to take a look at other makeup products.  I already tweeted that I liked Givenchy Prisme Yeux Mono shadows.

I also wanted to find a lipstick that would look like my most favourite gloss which is Chanel Glossimer in Mica and I believe that I’ve found it. And it is YSL Rouge Pur Shine in #11 Pink Diamond. I didn’t get it yet (but will do it ) but I swatched it for you. As well as 2 other shades that I liked but from  the Rouge Pur range.

So what is written about those lipsticks?

Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE PUR SHINE SPF15 is a shiny lipstick with exceptional gliding properties. It illuminates the lips with sparkling, transparent color, perfect for your “light makeup” days. The hydrating texture ensures comfort and protection for hydrated, shiny, shimmering lips.”

I’ve tried

  • #11 Pink Diamond

“Delivering lip color and care in one, Yves Saint Laurent FARD À LÈVRES ROUGE PUR Pure Lipstick stays fresh for hours while ensuring hydration and protection. The result is simply satiny lips.”

  • #135 Candy Pink
  • #146 Romantic Pink

Check out the swatches

  • #11 Pink Diamond
  • #135 Candy Pink
  • #146 Romantic pink

I’ve really loved the Pink Diamond lipstick and I plan to get it in the future! And I have to say that all 3 shades lasted forever on my hand.

I also want to check the Pink Lychee lipstick from summer 2010 Solaris collection but we don’t have summer collection here yet.

You can  check out the swatches and review of Rouge Volupte lipsticks by YSL from Spring 2010 collection.

So what do you think? What is your favourite lip product from YSL? Do you know any similar shades(pale pink with cool shimmer) to Mica Glossimer and YSL Pink Diamond?

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