April Updates

Happy weekend, everyone. I thought today I’d post more personal updates, since a lot of readers  are often asking for those, and I love reading such kind of posts from the people I follow.

The Non-Blonde is one of my all time favourite beauty blogs, this is the destination for all the perfume lovers and those who appreciate a detailed in-depth review, and occasional photo of a cat. Recently Gaia posted about her current favourites, and I loved reading her answers. I thought I’d answer all those “questions” here myself.

makeup and beauty products makeup4all

I am currently reading three books: Eat. Nourish. Glow by Amelia Freer (as mentioned here); Half Wild by Sally Green which is the second book from The Half Bad trilogy  which I am a huge fan of  and a book about mythology.


I have been listening to one of my favourite bands – Eluveitie a lot lately. I am a huge fan of Spirit and Slania albums. But am not sure how I feel about their latest ones.  As I type this I am listening to Helvetios. A little disclaimer: this is metal with Celtic influence – so don’t search it up, unless that is the kind of music you like.

Game of Thrones, Vikings, Rome and Mad Men. I mean – I wish I had time to watch it all. But sloooowly I am getting there.


I have been rather indifferent about perfume lately. But Jo Loves brand is pretty awesome.

Pale skin and berry lips or/and liner is my thing but lately I have been using self-tanner, brown smoky eyes and nude lips. Sometimes you just gotta experiment.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
My new black leather jacket.

Marina makeup4all outfit black

Guilty Pleasure
Reading in bed until it’s very late.

I’ve been loving cooking lately, mostly from this cook book. I have been also loving linden leaves tea lately, especially before going to bed.

I have a sore throat and feel very tired in general.

I have finished the yoga program I have been on, and am looking for a new one.

Can I be near the ocean now, please? I am thinking Portugal. Thank you very much.

I need new running shoes. And  nice looking red stilettos.

Random Thoughts
Today two of my favourite friends got engaged. I know their story and how much they’ve worked on their relationships – so I was incredibly  happy for them.

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