Clarins Makeup Collection for Autumn 2015

Clarins Autumnal collection focuses mainly on the eyes with soft pink & beige shades for the day time and purple & black for the evenings. There are also new eye brow pencils and two lipsticks to choose from.

Clarins Makeup Collection for Autumn 2015 day look


Pretty Day 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette (LE, £33) Pretty Day and Pretty Night

Five wearable eye shadows: beige, pink and shimmering taupe; and matte and shimmering warm browns.

Clarins Makeup Collection for Autumn 2015 Night look

Ombre Matte (£19)

Two new shades of these cream-to-powder eye shadows in 07 Carbon 08 Heather. If you are wondering about these eye shadows in general, here is my review of other shades.

Clarins Makeup Collection for Autumn 2015 eye shadows

Crayon Khôl (£17)

Two shades in 01 Carbon Black 10 True Violet.  Come with a brush on the other end.

Clarins Makeup Collection for Autumn 2015 lips, eyes and brows

Eyebrow Pencil (£17)

Matte, long-lasting eye brow product on one end, and a spoolie on the other.

Shades: 01 Dark Brown 02 Light Brown 03 Soft Blonde

Rouge Eclat (£19.50)

This lipstick  protects lips against dehydration and visibly minimizes fine lines,  boosts collagen,  includes Vitamin E  and 100% plant waxes including mimosa, jojoba and sunflower. Now available in two new shades: 21 Tawny Rose 22 Red Paprika.

Speaking of Clarins lipsticks, the brans is renewing their Jolie Rouge line, so sty tuned for the updates.

This collection will be available from August and Clarins can be bought from,  Nordstorm,  Sephora,  Bergdorf GoodmanSelfridges, Harrods


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