Eye Lash Makeup Routine: From Curlers to Top Coat

I’m not gonna lie, I am super jealous when I see girls with long, thick lashes…Unfortunately, it is not the case with mine. It could be worse, so I should not complain really.

But there are certain things I can do about it. I have never tried lash extensions for some reason and wearing false lashes every day is not an option, for me at least.

So here are the products that I use to get a make my lashes look decent:

First of all, I curl my lashes with shu uemura lash curlers, they open up the eyes and the curl lasts all day long. It is a great investment.

Then I use a lash primer, currently it’s Urban Decay’s Eyelash Primer Potion, it adds some length and volume without making the lashes look clumpy.

Next step is mascara – black Diorshow New Look or plum Clarins Instant Definition Mascara. I always go for high end mascaras, unfortunately, cheaper versions don’t do “the thing” for me.

Waterproof top coat is something I can’t live without  now. It totally changed my life, ok, not life, but beauty routine for sure. I already have a back up!

I have very sensitive eyes that water often but don’t like wearing waterproof mascaras, so this is a saviour for me. It keeps my mascaras from smudging and is easy to remove at the same time.

I don’t use all the products every day, only when I have an extra minute. It’s usually a mascara and a top coat.


  1. I have the Shiseido L/C & have to heat it with the blow dryer in order for my lashes to keep the curl 🙁 I completely agree with you about drugstore mascaras. I was never able to find one that worked for me. I never tried Clarins so I might go for this one next. Thanks for the trick of the “top coat” 😀

  2. A waterproof top coat is interesting to have. I’ll have to try it out.

    I can’t use drugstore mascaras either. I tried them but they make my eyes so itchy. I was scared wondering if there was some ingredients in there that I’m sensitive to.


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