Makeup Products That You Need For Summer: Reviews and Swatches

Hi girls!

Summer is here and I hope those of you who love summer enjoy it. I am not really a fan of summer because most of all I hate the heat!

Here are some products* that I’ve tried and that I think work great for summer.

Be sure that your makeup is waterproof so you don’t end up looking like this 😉


Add a sun-kissed glow to your face with Too Faced bronzers.

My favourite cream blush, true coral shade by Illamasqua, works perfect in summer heat.


Want to create bright vibrant eye makeup for summer? Everything is possible with Inglot shadows.

Be sure to use cream eye shadows that don’t smudge or crease, something like Benefit’s crealseless cream eye shadows.

If you are going to the pool and to the beach and like to use makeup – use only waterproof products, something like Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams.


Don’t forget about the vibrant juicy lips, something like Illamasqua’s lipstick in Over.

If you like glosses – try this cheerful melon lip gloss by BECCA.


What can look better than bright yellow nails for summer?

Or maybe you love lime green or bright green?

I personally love this bright coral but you may love shimmery nude.

You can see even more nail polishes here.

*Click the links to read reviews and see the swatches of the products

I just got some new makeup for summer this week and can’t wait to share with you! And what is your favourite makeup for summer? What shades do you love? What brands?

I guess it’s not difficult to see that I like coral, right? 😉

11 thoughts on “Makeup Products That You Need For Summer: Reviews and Swatches”

  1. I like coral shades too. but as we have summer all year round here, I tend to go to the ‘extreme’s when it comes to choosing shades – either bright colors especially yellows and golds, aquas and the likes or simply neutral earthy (mostly for lazy days) 😉

  2. Great post!! I always discover new brands through you, and seeing how well they work on you, dang, I’m instantly sold so often.

    I can’t wear coral anything. It’s a warm colour, and I can never get my skin colour to warm up through other make-up. I’m a watermelon person, I guess…

    1. Thank you, Eta!
      It’s very nice to hear it 🙂 I love to discover new brands and share my experience with others.
      Besides coral I love pale pink lip products.

  3. nice post! I love the manicure you did, it’s so cheerful and summery. During the summer, I usually go neutral and gold on the eyes, coral/peach on the lips. And of course I try to use waterproof mascara, or mascara that won’t smudge on me. I also use Rimmel’s stay matte powder just over my t-zone so I get a soft glow instead of looking oily

  4. Yeah, I see you like coral lol 😀 I don’t, it just doesn’t suit me but I’m all over red – nails, lips, hair 😀 LOL.

    I tend not to use too much makeup during summer but I do have 2 type of looks – daily, which is more natural, lip gloss, mascara and blush (sometimes pressed powder); and evening look where I use bright eye shadows if I’m not too lazy 😀 I like the same colors which I use during winter, so for me it’s – purple, green, teal. I don’t use bronze, golf or coral colors at all, they’re just not *my* colors, if you understand 🙂

    1. Hi , Vesna 🙂
      I used to love red for ages, it’s time for something new 😉
      I also like that you are not afraid to use bright colours, that’s great!

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