Revisited: If You Could Use Only 3 Makeup Products

I was browsing Makeup4all the other day, and stumbled across this post from 2010. The point was to choose only three products I could use for my makeup. I was actually surprised by my choices, so thought I would do the same thing six years later.

If You Could Use Only 3 Makeup Products revisited mascara eye liner and blusher

So here is what I would go for and why:

Eye liner (ArtDeco Long Lasting Liquid Liner 01 Black)

I just have to have some kind of definition for my eyes, black liquid eye liner or a brown eye pencil, or even some eye shadows. But if I could use only one product- that would be this. These days I am loving ArtDeco, but there are lots of other nice ones I like.

Mascara ( Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara, review coming later)The second product has to be a good ultra black volumizing mascara, it is all about the eyes for me, as you can tell. I am currently trying out the newest Max Factor release, and so far I am impressed, although it took me some time to get used to the huge brush.

It was really hard to choose the third product. I was thinking about a brow gel, concealer or something to give definition to my face, and I’ve chosen the last one.

Sculpting blush (Daniel Sandler Bronze And Glow Watercolour Blusher in Soft Bronze)

I just have to have some colour and sculpt to my face, otherwise I look too pale, and often tired (which I am; but no one needs to see that). Although six years ago I went for a peach blush, these days I prefer more “natural” looking ones, something like this bronzey shade from Daniel Sandler. It literally takes several seconds to transform the face.

And what products would you choose?

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