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Trish McEvoy Effortless Eyes Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Trio and Golden Face Color Trio

I am really loving these new Trish McEvoy  trio eye shadows and face palette. I think they would make an amazing gift even for those who already have it all as Trish’s brand is not that easily available so it’s quite exclusive plus it looks adorable.

There are two colour variations of Effortless Eyes Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Trio in Lilac and Nude. These are handmade in Italy. Each is $42 and they are sold without the makeup case.

There is also this gorgeous Golden Face Color Trio which includes  Golden and Golden Tan Bronzers and  Blush Natural. It retails for $38.

Limited Edition Products for Halloween 2009 by Lush

I just made  a post about MAC face charts for Halloween and now it’s time to think about special products created just for Halloween! You can get yourself some and make a great present to your friends. And I am talking about Lush of course! 😉 This products are already available here at Lush

Pumpkin Soap $5.95, 2.5 oz.

Our spicy Fall soap warms you up when you’re chilled to the bone – limited edition

Pumpkin Soap

This limited edition soap is pumpkin-colored and shaped affair with a scent borrowed from our lovely and rejuvenating Spice Curls. So endearing that the headless horse man has tried to steal it for himself to wear around town! It’s only around for Halloween so get yours before All Hallows Eve.

Magic Bath Bombs $6.95, 6.3 oz

Marjoram and rose conjure up vitality and prosperity – Limited Edition

Magic Bath Bombs

If we told you that there was a surprise inside this treasure, it wouldn’t be a surprise any more, now would it? Magic is a 14-sided bomb that turns your bathwater a deep sapphire blue. Seen from the top, it’s a hexagon, or ‘hex’ bomb, with a blend of marjoram and rose in the shell to dissolve anxieties. Then, as the water changes color, basil and peppermint oils swirl into your tub to bring you growth, vitality and energy. When the sprig of parsley inside floats free, prosperity looms.

Witches’ Ball Bubble Bars, $5.95 3.5 oz

A bubbling cauldron with a magical blend of reviving herbs – Limited Edition

Witches' Ball Bubble Bars

Clear mental blocks with this mystical bubble bar filled with rosemary, sage, peppermint, frankincense, myrrh and benzoin. Deep fuchsia like the very edge of sunset, Witches’ Ball is a bewitching mixture studded with star anise seedpods, cloves, blackcurrants and cranberries. Bathe in its brew of essential oils as often as you can before it disappears at the end of the year, making resolutions as you bathe.

Ghost Shower Gels and Smoothies $16.95 – $25.95

Dark Signature Look by Rimmel London


Inspired by the latest international catwalk trends Rimmel London has created a mystical and mysterious winter look

The colors are appropriately called his signature dark. Because in the cold season, dark and intense colors are totally hip. Smokey Eyes with extravagant effects and bold colors of aubergine on various berry shades to work with this striking black make up the heart.

Rimmel London’s exclusive makeup artist Susanne Krammer explained step by step how this trend with the appropriate Make Up is implemented

“Dark Signature look of Rimmel London”


Lip Passion Collection by Artdeco. Fall 2009

ARTDECO – Lip Passion

A perfect lip make up is worth a thousand words. Seductively beautiful, it also embodies pure femininity!

ARTDECO Lifting Lip Stylo, € 10.80

The lifting Lip Stylo lays the foundation for long-lasting, brilliant color lip make up this lip primer nourishes and smooths lips with her silky formulation and special anti-aging drugs. Derived from coconut oil Sepilift ® counteracts fine lines and moisturizes. In addition, hyaluronic acid, your lips thanks to its high water binding property looks wonderfully full. From moisture loss keeps Phytosqualan derived from olive oil. Jojoba oil maintains the supple lips while vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences.

ARTDECO Soft Contour Lip Liner, € 9.50

The Soft Contour Lip Liner combines long-term color with nourishing action. With the pen can be opaque contours apply supple soft. They are waterproof and wischresistent. With the integrated lip brush allows the contour ausschattieren and apply the lipstick professional.

The liner is rich in anti-aging ingredients: Vegetal Filling Spheres ® cushion wrinkles from the inside. Phytosphingosine SLC ® supports collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic acid improves skin elasticity. 3-ceramide lipids contribute smoothing while preserving moisture. The vitamin B5 were found Panthenyl triacetates stimulates cell renewal and improves the water binding capacity of the skin. Vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences.

ARTDECO Lip Passion Smooth Touch Lipstick, € 10.80

Impressions on Eyes Makeup Collection by Make Up Factory. Fall 2009

Make up Factory – Impressions on Eyes

A quick glance, an impression that remains! With the new collection Impressions on Eyes Make up Factory, the art of eye make-ups continues to perfection.

Imaginative products are characterized by excellent quality and ease of use. To succeed in professional make-up of breathtaking intensity and sustainable impact.

Eye Make up Factory Primer

The basis for a long-lasting eye make-up is the Eye Primer. The smoothing eye shadow primer neutralized the eyes, makes them appear more even and fresh and prolongs the shelf life of your eye shadow significantly. The creamy, pleasantly light texture contains light-reflecting pigments and a polymer of plant origin, which brightens the eye area and leaves a smooth look. The eye primer is fragrance free.

Make up Factory & Liner Eyeshadow