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  • The Best Makeup Sharpener?

    I have so many cosmetics sharpeners and have tried tones over the years, both high-end and cheap ones and I would like to share the one that I love the best. And it is actually a big surprise, as it is very random. It’s an Oriflame sharpener which I have got ages ago (seven years?). […]

  • My Favourite Mirrors. And Week Updates

    I wanted to write this post for a long time already. Here are my favourite purse mirrors, I absolutely love all of them. The first one is by Rouge Bunny Rouge which is also available in black variation and which you can get at zuneta. One side of it has a magnifying mirror = great […]

  • My First Giveaway. Win 9 Products!

    (click to enlarge) This is my first giveaway!!! At last! I’ve asked several times what brands would you all like to get but I got no answered but I could not wait any longer. Althought all products are from Oriflame this geveaway IS NOT sponsored by the comapy or by any other person. I bought […]

  • Purple and Berry Nail Polishes: Swatches

    I already warned you that I’m not  the biggest  nail polish  fan : ) but still I’ve picked up for you some shades that I like.  So here they are: 1.Maybelline – Colorama 07 “Wonder Viloet” 2.Mary Kay- “Berry Bliss” 3. Mary Kay – “Rich Berry”