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February 2015 Beauty Favourites

Makeup wise, it was pretty much all the same in February, and you can read about all the products here.  There is also something very different from  me this month – I’ve been loving nude lipsticks (which is  a complete shock for me), and I will write a feature about it soon.

February 2015 Beauty Favourites Balance me, Illamasqua, Yves Rocher, L'Occitane, Max Factor

There are only two other makeup products that I want to mention:

Illamasqua’s Nail Varnish in Nomad. I wore in for the whole last week of the month, and this gorgeous jade set me in the mood for Spring.  Not too pastel but not too bright, it is just perfect.

Max Factor’s  Creme Puff Blush in 25 Alluring Rose. This is a shade created for medium  and dark skin  tones, so on me it looks like a bronzer. It blends out beautifully and gives a gorgeous glow.  Look out for the feature about these new blushes this week.

As for the beauty products – I was very stressed and completely out of time  in February, so shower time was the ultimate luxury and “me” time when I could just think and reflect on what was going on. I have tonnes of shower products in my tiny bathroom, and have been loving all of them, but two

Beauty and Lifestyle Plans for 2014

I have already shared my beauty conclusions of 2013, and here is the list of my beauty and lifestyle related  plans  for 2014.

Jessica Durrant Fashion IllustrationJessica Durrant Fashion Illustration

1. If you read my 2013 list, you know that I have been working out on a regular basis and couldn’t be more happier but in the end of January/February I plan to start a new program, and already found a gym where they have it near my work.

2.  I am now more into perfumes, and would like to find a signature scent(s), and experiment with perfumes more. So far my favourites are Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise and Illamasqua’s Freak.  Wish me luck.

3.  Closer to summer, I’d like to have a course of massages.  I am not very organized when it comes to such things, and I have never completed a course yet. That is a challenge.

4.  I plan on having facials more often. They are so worth it. I can definitely see a difference. And, luckily, not only me.

5. This is probably too much information, but we are all humans, so… I have been thinking about

Beauty Conclusions of 2013

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and I personally love thinking about the things that happened in the past year, about the achievements and remarkable things. So here are 13 beauty and health/lifestyle points from the 2013.

1. I’ve finally learned how to control my makeup purchases, I already have so many products, so that I think twice now before buying yet another  cool toned pink lipstick or red nail polish. How long will this new habit last?

Makeup4all Lipsticks2. Thanks to point no1, I now have some extra money to visit cosmetologist. I’ve found an amazing girl but the visits are not  exactly the most affordable,  but very worth it.  By the way, I have been visiting dermatologist regularly already. But it is nice to get a facial or a nice face treatment  from time to time, too.

3.  I’ve bought more hair styling products than in any year, and even started using some of them on a regular basis. I even bought some hair tools. I need a good brush, any suggestions?

Makeup4all Favourite Perfumes and Candles of 20124.  Perfumery. I can’t say that I was very interested, or, in fact, knew a lot about this subject. But in 2013 I’ve started reading more and more reviews and articles, especially about niche perfumery. That is fascinating, and I want to

M. Micallef and Denis Durand Le Parfum Couture

Did you know that I post a lot of extra things over at Makeup4all Facebook page, as I don’t like things to get too overwhelming here? But I think that M. Micallef Le Parfum Couture deserves a post of its own.

How gorgeous is this promo photo?

This is actually a collaboration of Martine Micallefand Denis Durand,the French fashion designer. The bottle is decorated with  Chantilly black lace and adorned with a little satin bow and a golden medal with the initials of the two artists.

The notes are:

  • Head Notes: Ceylon cinnamon, Italy tangerine
  • Heart Notes: Bulgaria rose, orange