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  • Beauty Wish List. July 2019

    Beauty Wish List. July 2019

    As I’ve already mentioned, the times when I would get all those limited edition eye shadow palettes and yet another  *insert a name of the product* are long gone. Now I only get products when I finish something (I have empties save stories over at my Insta) or when I really want that item. So […]

  • Want It: NEOM Six Blissful Nights Bath & Shower Oil Set

    Being a huge fan of high-quality natural aromatherapy bath oils, and rating NEOM highly (read my candle review)  – I definitely need NEOM Six Blissful Nights Bath & Shower Oil  set in my life. Especially during this stressful period in life… There are six oils: 2 x Real Luxury Bath Oil (5ml) 2 x Time to […]

  • Aromatherapy Associates & Holistic Silk Relax Eye Mask Review. Rave

    I had a Holistic Silk Relax Eye Mask on my wish list for a very long time but it was very hard to justify an almost £50 price. But when I saw that several months ago Aromatherapy Associates were giving away an amazing gift with purchase with this mask, I just went for it. So […]

  • Beauty Products That Will Help You To Relax

    I often  struggle falling asleep  (and often relaxing in general) so have  tried lots of products over the years and here is just a small selection of the things you may like and may find at least somewhat helpful.  Origins Peace of Mind On-the-spot Relief  ( review) and Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm (review) are […]

  • Peace of Mind On-the-spot Relief by Origins. Review

    Peace of Mind On-the-spot relief When the world closes in on you and your head feels a size too small, apply just two dabs of Origins mind-clearing formula on the back of your neck, temples and earlobes. You’ll feel a tingling sensation as pressure, tension and tightness begin to feel as if they melt away. […]